On-Site Training

Training is a critical aspect in the implementation of any clinical system to ensure that all user groups understand how the new system, and any new workflow, will affect their day-to-day responsibilities. At MagView, we believe that is absolutely critical that we come to you for training. In an abstract environment, the proper workflow understanding isn’t achieved as well as it can be if you are present in the department and in the environment. This is why every MagView system includes on-site training and go-live support – it is our experienced team working directly with your team on site that makes our projects succeed. 

The on-site package will typically include three major functions: on-site training, on-site configuration and testing, and on-site go-live support.

Preparing for training & on-site support

To make sure that your staff are as prepared as possible for the on-site training and configuration phase of the implementation, it is critical to prepare all staff members. Preparing the staff for the training will ensure that you receive the most benefits from this training.


The on-site training is a critical part of the implementation process where those staff members who may or may not have been directly involved in the implementation process for MagView get to see the system and understand how it is going to fit into your clinical workflow. As with any change in workflow or processes, it is crucial to ensure that the "change-agents" - your Super Users, System Administrators and Project Manager - have a strong understanding of the clinical needs as well as the workflow design and how that may change processes within the breast imaging department.

On-site Configuration and Support

In addition to simply training your staff, an important part of what you have purchased with your MagView system is on-site support and configuration. It is important to understand that not 100% of the MagView staff time on site with your staff will be formal "training". There are a large number of other extremely valuable steps to the implementation process that will occur while MagView staff is on site. This can include on-site configuration of MagView, the software interfaces, or other system aspects, testing and verification of system aspects, and working with your IT staff or other staff member to accomplish or confirm setup tasks from throughout the implementation face-to-face to ensure that everyone is on the same page.