On-site Go-Live Support

After the critical training period, it is also important to have a solid plan to ensure that all groups understand the responsibilities needed to make the transition. This will include a transition plan that lays out the steps of the transition. Depending on your project, this plan may be more or less complex and may include some of these elements and/or elements that will be unique to your group; however, the important part is to have a plan in place that everyone can understand so that everyone is prepared for the transition.

Go-Live Support

Though not "training" in the traditional sense, these steps are just as vital to a successful implementation. They ensure that the plan that has been forming remotely over the course of the implementation is solidly understood and executed by all involved. Additionally, go-live support is included in your MagView purchase. We believe that this is the most critical aspect of any of the various on-site activities we provide. Once the system is live, there will be any number of questions or requests that which make it critical we are on-site with you to assist. For example, even with all the training and conceptual reporting setup that will occur with your lead radiologist or radiologists over the implementation period, there still may be items that once they are signing a live patient's report they may want to continue to tweak or change. It is critical that we can have MagView staff there to assist with these changes and tweaks, and so we strongly believe that on-site go-live support is the most critical portion of the project.