National Mammography Database (NMD)

MagView’s Mammography Information System has been fully certified by the American College of Radiology as a software partner for the ACR National Mammography Database (NMD). The NMD allows mammography facilities to compare their practice performance and outcome data to practices similar to their own, advance the practice of mammography and implement successful quality improvement programs to improve patient care.

The NMD program leverages data that radiology practices are already collecting under federal mandate by providing them with comparative information for national and regional benchmarking.

The data file is output from MagView with the click of a button, which can then be uploaded to the ACR NMD Registry for participating facilities.

Participate in NMD with data that you are already collecting, and at no additional cost from MagView 

If you are an existing MagView customer, chances are you are already capturing the data that is required to join in the ACR NMD program. MagView allows your facility to participate without any additional effort or work by your staff.

Most importantly, for existing MagView customers, there are no additional costs to participate in the NMD program.

Output data with the click of a button

MagView creates an upload-ready data file with the click of a button, that can be uploaded via the ACR NMD portal. 


  • MagView version 6.1 or later
  • Before existing customers may participate, MagView support staff must first conduct a manual analysis of your existing system configuration to ensure its readiness to participate in the NMD program. This includes a thorough review of all 58-data points, and mapping your existing fields to the discrete values outlined in the ACR NMD spec. Please contact MagView support to initiate an NMD-readiness analysis.

Reduce redundant data entry by interfacing with one of your existing systems

To save data entry time and reduce the task of double data entry in multiple systems, MagView can interface with your existing radiology, EMR, HIS, or any other practice management system. This can prevent the need to enter common fields multiple times, such as name, date of birth, full address, exam date, and much more.