Patient Navigation

User-defined phases navigate patient through continuum of breast care

  • Identify patients eligible for navigation with user-defined alerts based on imaging, pathology or other trigger.
  • Customizable stages and steps ensure continuous progress in a timely manner; based on the NCBC Navigation Matrix or your own existing navigation protocol.
  • Automated reminders and overdue follow-up flags decrease outmigration.

Integrated navigation improves access to results and reduces data entry

  • MagView Patient Navigator replaces multiple systems by providing a single repository for imaging and pathology results, tumor data, scanned records, patient contacts and patient letters.
  • Integrated navigation in a single application reduces need for additional interfaces and costs.
  • Navigator module virtually eliminates redundant data entry by leveraging data already being captured through your MQSA-tracking and imaging center’s workflow.

User-defined data collection improves quality of care

  • Customizable data entry fields (e.g., barriers to care, patient profiles, clinical indicators) can be used for accreditation programs, quality improvement initiatives, custom queries, forms and reports.
  • Allows sites to define their own forms for multi-disciplinary conference, surgical consults, intake, end of treatment documentation and more.