MQSA Medical Outcomes Audit

Exceeds FDA/MQSA Outcome Auditing Requirements

MagView is the complete patient tracking and outcome monitoring solution. MagView reduces data entry and automatically calculates important statistics for your annual inspection.

Key features of MagView's
FDA/MQSA Tracking and Reporting:

  • Quality Assurance Reports automatically calculate outcomes for Medical Audit and Outcome Analysis.
  • Automatically generates lay summaries, annual reminders, and overdue recall notices.
  • Permanently stores all breast imaging results and patient lay summaries.
  • Tracks all positive recommendations for imaging and biopsy.
  • Generates audit reports to track and review non-compliant patients and pathology not yet received.
  • Provides area for staff to document follow-up on positive breast imaging findings and their attempts to obtain pathology.
  • Produces Medical Outcome Audit by location and physician as well as combined results.
  • Credential management module assist in tracking personnel qualification records.
  • Provides system to document consumer complaints.
  • Maintains documentation to log infection control procedures.