A Mammography Information Management Solution for a Leading Breast Center

MagView delivers a complete mammography information management solution for The Women’s Imaging Center.

Known for offering advanced technology and quality healthcare, Medical Center Hospital of Odessa Texas is a full-service hospital in Ector County. MCH serves as the regional referral hospital for the 17 surrounding counties of the Permian Basin.

In 1997, MCH was one of the first facilities in the area to build a dedicated Breast Care Center. The 2700 square foot facility was equipped with state of the art digital mammography machines and a breast ultrasound unit.


Group Type

Hospital based dedicated Breast Center, located in Odessa Texas.

Group Profile

The Center for Women’s Imaging at Medical Center Hospital performs approximately 10,000 breast exams per year, and offers screening and diagnostic digital mammography, breast ultrasound, stereotactic biopsy and needle localization.


The Center for Women’s Imaging was looking for a Mammography Information System that could offer the following features and benefits:

  • Structured reporting for all procedures
  • Option for dictation
  • Expanded tracking and audit features
  • Customization of reports
  • Document management system
  • Full integration with RIS system
  • On-site training for all staff

Initially, MCH utilized the mammography module of their Radiology Information System for patient tracking and MQSA reporting. As their volume increased, and a more complete analysis of the data was needed, the decision was made to implement a dedicated mammography information system.

"In our facility we perform screening and diagnostic mammograms, stereotactic biopsies, breast ultrasound and bone densitometry exams," says Carol Evans, Director of Imaging Services. "We needed a single, central location where all of the mammography information was available and, most importantly, that the information was easily retrievable."

Medical Center Hospital implemented the MagView Mammography Information System and integrated it along with a new Radiology Information System. With the integration of MagView with their new RIS, the physicians are able to generate structured finding reports in Magview, or dictate reports into the RIS, with the tracking information automatically extracted from the dictated report into MagView. "One of the best MagView features for us is the annual medical audit," said Dr. Gina Campagna. "Having all of this information available helps us to better understand our practice and improve patient care."

The detailed tracking and auditing capabilities in MagView prove invaluable in today’s breast center environment.
— Carol Evans | Divisional Director of Imaging Services | Medical Center Hospital

To further integrate the technologies used by Medical Center Hospital, MagView was interfaced with the Digital Review Station allowing the synchronization of the patient record with the digital images while reporting. By integrating the various technology tools used by the center, MagView was able to solve the problem of a time-consuming reporting and tracking process that had plagued the center in the past. "MagView has been a real time saver for us,” says Evans.

By integrating and employing the latest and best technology available, Medical Center Hospital continues to live up to their mission of efficient, comprehensive and caring service to their patients.