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MagView Luminary

Empowering the Breast Centers of the Future

Luminary offers many enhancements designed to help you improve the patient experience, empower radiologists, track meaningful outcomes and gain insight from your MagView data.  Join us for a Luminary webinar on July 12 @ 2:00 PM to explore the many new features and benefits offered in the latest version of MagView. Take a look below at a sneak peak of what's new in Luminary!

Clarity Reports


In 2015, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine brought together experts in the field of breast cancer
to look for ways to improve the quality of mammography, with a focus on image interpretation. The consensus committee
found that mammography interpretation remained quite variable, which limited the full potential of mammography to reduce
breast cancer mortality by detecting breast cancer at an early stage. The group, which included several MagView customers,
made several key observations and recommendations:

  • Quality audits and review of radiologist performance measures is essential—“ you don’t know if interpretation is improving unless you measure it.”

  • Large screening volumes are needed to confidently assess a person’s cancer detection rate.

  • Confidence intervals can help account for insufficient data.

  • Criteria for adequate interpretive performance may be expanded

  • A criterion that combines recall rate, cancer detection rate and PPV can provide a more accurate assessment of
    interpretive performance.


  • Alternative expanded criteria for performance can help more precisely measure performance.

  • Radiologists should review their own recalls, even if they do not do the diagnostic interpretation.

  • Radiologists with high recall rates should review false positive recalls.

  • Radiologists with low cancer detection rates should review missed cancers.

Based on these observations and recommendations, MagView Luminary has upgraded the MagView Quality Assurance reporting package and created the Learning Worklist product, that allows radiologists to review their previous cases based on subsequent outcomes.

The Luminary QA package includes a redesign that simplifies the presentation of the metrics, a worksheet supplement that shows  exactly how each metric was calculated, and charts that show the performance of the group in a way that is easy to visualize and understand.


With Clarity’s original release in 7.2, the focus was to better organize MagView system reports in a more intuitive way so
that customers were better able to take advantage of what reports MagView has to offer, as well as introduce the feature
of scheduling reports. MagView Luminary advances and expands on that focus with many new improvements and features.

Recently Generated Reports

With the ability added in 7.2 to schedule reports, it was difficult for a user to keep track of what reports ran and when. Now when entering clarity reports in MagView Luminary, you are greeted with a new screen that shows all of the reports that most recently generated. This screen will allow a user to easily browse and view any report that may have ran the night before.


Background Generation

With MagView Luminary, users can now generate reports in the background. A user can choose to have the console run the report on the server and allow them to continue to work or select other reports to run. No more waiting for a report to run!


Report Recommendations

The new Report Recommendations advances Clarity Reports to its intended purpose-empowering the user to get the most out of MagView Reports. Users can now bring up a list of reports we recommend they run based on their practice. Users can also choose to automatically
schedule these reports with the parameters and intervals that we provide. This feature will answer the commonly asked question of “what report should I run and how?”


Report Profiles

In the past, MagView system reports allowed the user to automatically save the last set of options they ran any specific report with. With MagView Luminary we expanded on this functionality greatly with the addition of Report Profiles.

Report Profiles are a saved set of options for a specific report. This will allow users to save multiple flavors of any given report. Users can then easily run or schedule any of these Report Profiles at any time.


Email Reports

With more and more reports now running on the console either scheduled or on an ad–hoc basis, we felt that we needed a way to alert users when they have been completed. 

MagView Luminary offers the ability to email an alert or the report itself to a list of users when they finish running.


Category Customization

MagView Luminary also adds various user interface improvements. These include the ability to favorite reports for easy access and the ability to build and customize your own report categories. We’ve also attached more keywords to reports in order to expand the searching capabilities.

Join us July 12 @ 2:00 PM Eastern for our webinar to learn more about these exciting features and many more  to be shown now available in Luminary!