Clinical History

Collect history on paper or electronically via iPad, tablet, kiosk, web browser

  • Patient enters history on iPad, tablet or at home via web; answers instantly upload into MagView.
  • Breast history is stored for next check-in.
  • Guardians ensure patient answers key questions; branching Q&A logic intelligently presents only necessary questions to patient.
  • Large fonts with a single question per screen, designed for breast centers and their patients.


  • MagView’s Patient History module improves workflow for radiologists, technologists, staff and your patients.

  • Patient history is automatically uploaded securely to MagView for immediate review without paper.

  • Breast history is remembered and presented to the patient at her next visit, speeds up patient check-in.

  • Staff does not have to manually enter patient data.

Patient Tablet/PC History Module

MagView’s Patient History module allows your patients to electronically enter their own breast history, which is seamlessly uploaded to and archived in the patient’s chart in MagView. The MagView Patient History module can be used with any wireless tablet PC that you supply, or any kiosk/workstation in your office.

Speed up the check-in process

When your patient walks in for her appointment, hand her a tablet PC running MagView’s Patient History module. After the patient completes her breast history, the data is automatically and securely uploaded to her patient record in MagView. Best of all, the Patient History module remembers all of the patient’s previous answers — so when Ms. Jones returns for her routine mammogram, her information is already filled out.

Large fonts and easy-to-understand questions

The Patient History screens are designed for breast centers and their patients — that means large fonts that reduce eye strain, as well as questions that are phrased in layman terms. With large “Back” and “Next” buttons, even patients with little computer knowledge can immediately use MagView’s Patient History without trouble.
Eliminate the need for staff members to manually enter the patient’s history

When your patient completes her questionnaire with MagView’s Patient History module, the information is automatically uploaded to her record in MagView, thus eliminating the need for a staff member to manually enter the data. MagView’s Patient History module supports a paperless workflow by providing your technologists and radiologists with immediate access to the patient’s history in MagView without the need for additional paper.

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