MagView Dashboard

Instant Practice Management Data.
No waiting. From any computer or mobile device.

MagView's Business Intelligence Dashboard empowers administrators and radiologists with clinical decision support tools, enterprise scorecards, web-based collaboration, and the flexibility to track the metrics you care about most.

With over 100 measures, and the flexibility to define your own, the MagView Business Intelligence Dashboard offers web-based collaboration that can be viewed from any computer or mobile device.

Why Dashboard?

MagView is a powerful and flexible system that helps you manage your breast imaging practice. There are many reports, features and tools that help you understand the important performance and quality metrics of your practice.  But sometimes it is difficult to disseminate and all the right information, to all the people who need it.

The MagView Dashboard brings an Enterprise Breast Imaging Data Warehouse to your practice, complete with secure internet connectivity and on-the-go reporting capabilities, allowing you to leverage the value of data analytics using the data you're already collecting in your MagView system.


  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Messages and alerts that you define are delivered straight to your mobile device wherever you are, putting the power of big data in the palm of your hand.
  • Implementing a Quality Assurance dashboard for your physicians allows them not only to see their performance at a moment in time, but identify developing trends and better visualize the relationship between the important quality assurance and patient outcome metrics. 

Questions you might not even know to ask

The MagView Dashboard leverages big data to answer questions you might not even know to ask. Questions like the following:

And many more