A Communication and Workflow Solution for Blessing Hospital Breast Center

MagView delivers a complete mammography information management solution for improved workflow and communication.

When Blessing Hospital decided to create a state-of-the-art breast center in the Illinois city of Quincy, they wanted to offer the best equipment, facilities and staff for their patients.

"We had been known as a community hospital," says Breast Center Manager Lori Wilkey. "Now because of the procedures we offer and the great follow-up we do, other facilities rely on us to meet all their patients' needs. We are very patient focused".


Group Type

Hospital based women's health care center.

Group Profile

Blessing Hospital Breast Center is located in Quincy Illinois, and performs digital mammography, diagnostic breast ultrasound, ultrasound guided breast biopsy, stereotactic biopsy needle localization, breast MRI and bone density studies.


In selecting a Mammography Information System vendor, Blessing Hospital was focused on the following requirements:

  • Efficient reporting and patient tracking
  • Ability to dictate using built in voice recognition
  • Built in document scanning
  • Interface with Eclipsys SCM HIS
  • Conversion of existing patient data
  • Interface with Hologic workstation
  • Flexible management reporting
  • Enterprise wide HIPAA compliance

In addition to screening and diagnostic mammograms, Blessing Breast Center offers MRI breast biopsies and was one of the first digital mammography sites in Illinois.

When evaluating the existing mammography software at the hospital, it was clear it would not fit the needs of a busy breast center. "The system we had before MagView used an Access database which was very difficult to use and time consuming," Wilkey said.

Once MagView was implemented, they found that not only were the existing problems solved, but they could take patient care to the next level. "We can get results out the same day it is read," says Senior Secretary Laurie Laaker. "The radiologists don't have to worry about delayed dictation and they simply create the report and it is done," adds Laaker.

Blessing Breast Center also had some custom requests specific to their center and were pleased to see that MagView could accommodate them. "Our technologists use tablet PCs and all the orders and outside reports are scanned in so we can import and review anything we need," says Wilkey. "We also implemented an interface between Hologic and Magview where the barcode is tied to MagView. It eliminates the worry about viewing one patient and reporting on another".

With so many new technologies to learn, Wilkey enjoyed the simple implementation and the post-implementation support, "It is so nice to have a product go live smoothly and I am really happy that when I need anything from support to customization, I can get help right away with just one call".

It used to take me an hour and a half to run the QA reports with the old system. Now it is just a click of a button.
— Laurie Laaker | Senior Secretary | Blessing Hospital Breast Center