An Integrated Solution for Breast Imaging of Oklahoma

Breast Imaging of Oklahoma provides state of the art screening and diagnostic breast imaging using the latest imaging Comprehensive Breast Center technology, along with a high level of focused patient care.

MagView delivers a single vendor information management solution for the automation of all Breast Center operations.

Breast Imaging of Oklahoma is dedicated to providing the best in patient care. This can be seen in their choices for digital mammography, PACS technology, Computer Aided Detection, and the wide range of diagnostic and interventional modalities offered to their patients. For this reason, the group determined that the highest standards would be set in selecting an information system to manage all clinical, operational and billing functions of the group.

In particular, they required a solution that would allow the group an efficient, yet flexible reporting platform, a powerful patient scheduling system with an automated telephone patient reminder capability, a flexible patient communication module, DICOM worklist integration with their existing GE Centricity PACS, a fully integrated billing solution, and visibility across multiple locations.


Group Type

Comprehensive Breast Center

Group Profile

Breast Imaging of Oklahoma is a comprehensive breast center with four sites serving the Edmonds and Oklahoma City area. Breast Imaging of Oklahoma provides a full range of breast imaging services, including digital mammography with CAD, dedicated breast MRI, stereotactic biopsy, ultrasound biopsy and other interventional procedures.

Dr. Debra Mitchell is the center's co-medical director. Before starting Breast Imaging of Oklahoma, Dr. Mitchell was director of breast imaging for the University of Oklahoma Breast Institute.


As the center was being developed, Dr. Mitchell and her group outlined the following goals for the information systems:

  • Specialized for breast centers
  • Single vendor solution
  • Integration with PACS
  • Integration with CAD
  • Flexible reporting system
  • Available from all locations
  • Specialized scheduling capabilities
  • Integrated billing capability
  • Flexible patient tracking

"In visiting with and talking to the staff of other Breast Centers, two specific goals emerged in our selection process:" says Kathy Tucker, Director of Technical Operations for Breast Imaging of Oklahoma.

"The first goal was to select a vendor that had a special focus on delivering solutions to breast centers. This would help ensure that the special needs of a breast center would be addressed in the core system, not added-on, or provided as an afterthought. The second goal was to select a single vendor that offered an integrated solution. This would avoid the inefficiencies and other difficulties we observed with groups combining information systems from multiple vendors."

With these goals in mind, Breast Imaging of Oklahoma selected MagView as its information technology partner. During the implementation process, the MagView team successfully met each goal which had been outlined from the beginning. Says Ms. Tucker, "MagView also provided many customizations as our needs fully emerged throughout the process. This was instrumental in achieving efficiency within each area of our practice, and helping us achieve our goal of a filmless and paperless office."

Ms. Tucker believes that the right information technology solution is critical to the mission of the breast center. "In selecting technology, we assess its return on investment, and how it can improve workflow and increase productivity, but ultimately, our goal is to select technology which will help improve patient care." Having recently been selected by Health Imaging & IT Magazine as one of the Top 5 Specialty Facilities in the country for innovation and its use of technology, it is clear that they have been succeeding.

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