Community Hospital implements a mammography tracking system to ensure MQSA compliance

For over 90 years The Bellevue Hospital in Bellevue, Ohio, has been known as a progressive and expansive facility and leader in innovative procedures and programs. Included in the recent expansion was a breast care program.


Group Type

Locally owned, not-for-profit, community hospital.

Group Profile

23 bed hospital, 475 employees, 50 physicians. The Women’s Imaging Center offers stereotactic breast biopsy, mammogram, ultrasound, and bone Dexa Scan services..


Pacific Breast Care was looking for a mammography information system that could:

  • Simplify follow-up tracking
  • Ensure MQSA compliance
  • Prevent patients from “falling through the cracks”
  • Speed up report creation process
  • Offer a painless migration from a Microsoft Access method of outcome auditing

“We are situated between four different counties and one of the very few hospitals that are not county owned,” says QC Coordinator Judy Kelble, RT. “We recently built a new hospital and spent a lot of time designing it to make it more convenient and private for the patient,” added Kelble. “The women’s center is all in one area so the patient can have an ultrasound or stereotactic procedure in the same corridor.”

A big part of the planning of the center was a streamlined mammography tracking system to keep track of all patients and make sure no one falls through the cracks. “We were really looking for something that would make us MQSA compliant,” said Kelble. The Bellevue Hospital implemented the MagView Mammography Information System.

“Prior to implementing MagView we were using Microsoft Access and I had to constantly make new reports which was very time consuming. I wanted something easier to work with, so I looked around at many systems and thought MagView was the best out there, it gave me the reports and flexibility I needed,” Kelble added.

I wanted something easier to work with, so I looked around at many systems and thought MagView was the best out there…it gave me the reports and flexibility I needed.
— Judy Kelble, RT (R) M QC | Coordinator | The Bellevue Hospital

In addition to the flexibility, Kelble was thinking long term with the center and wanted to make sure the tracking and MQSA requirements could be managed by multiple people. “When I was looking at retirement two years ago, I felt no one else would be able to easily take over. Now it is a quick learning curve for MagView,” said Kelble.

With the combination of state of the art facilities, a broad range of procedures and a comprehensive information management solution, The Bellevue Hospital is proving to be a destination for the area residents. “I feel we are doing spectacularly well. Our president and CED Mike Winthrop has brought us from being a band-aid station to a force to be reckoned with.”