MagView’s AutoFax Module 

Reduce costs of letterhead, envelopes, postage

To calculate the cost savings by using MagView’s AutoFax module, determine how many results you are mailing out daily, and multiply that by the cost of letterhead, pre-printed envelopes, and postage. At 60¢ per result, a center performing 10k-15k exams annually will pay off the cost of the AutoFax interface within the first year. MagView also allows you to fax results directly from the
patient’s chart on-demand, which reduces the time-consuming process of manually printing and faxing.

MagView’s AutoFax module provides automated distribution of results to your referring physicians. The AutoFax module can work with your existing fax software, or can be purchased as a bundle from MagView that includes Captaris RightFax server software.

The AutoFax module can be configured to send results as they are signed, as a batch at a given time, or on-demand directly form the patient record. You may specify which referring physicians want to receive results via fax or via mail, and with the Captaris software, MagView can group results by clinician to reduce the time it takes to fax.

As the leader in software solutions for mammography, every MagView module is designed with breast centers in mind. MagView’s AutoFax module lets you decide which BI-RADS assessments to fax (such as positive findings), and which ones to print (such as benign/negative exams). 

Improve results turn around times

You can setup MagView’s AutoFax module to fax results immediately upon finalizing so that referring physicians have the results often before the patient leaves your office. Or, if your office only has a single phone line, you can choose to batch fax your results at the end of the day.

Autofax bundle 

  • AutoFax bundle is for customers who do not have a compatible AutoFax server software
  • Includes Captaris RightFax 9.3 Server Software
  • Includes required license for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (required by Captaris RightFax)
  • Includes installation and configuration of Captaris RightFax software and MagView AutoFax interface
  • Requires remote access for installation, configuration and testing
  • Does not include fax server hardware nor fax card
  • For Captaris hardware requirements please click here.
  • For recommended fax cards, please click here.

Autofax interface-only

  • For customers who have a compatible AutoFax server software. (Please check with your sales representative)
  • Does not include fax server software
  • Does not include fax server hardware nor fax card