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LungView for Lung Screening
MagView is proud to announce LungView for Lung Cancer Screening Tracking for low-dose CT screening programs.
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BI-RADS Atlas 5th Edition
The ACR recently announced the release of the latest edition of the BI-RADS Atlas. MagView is prepared to help your group become compliant. Click here to learn more.

Case Study: Breast Imaging of Oklahoma
BIOK provides state of the art screening & diagnostic services with the latest imaging Comprehensive Breast Center technology.
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MagView | Mammography tracking, Mammography Reporting software

MagView is a complete Breast Imaging Reporting and Data Tracking System. MagView has been exclusively in the women’s health market since 1992. Dedicated 100% to Breast Imaging and Mammography Information Management - MagView provides the solutions that breast centers - from small independent centers to large academic hospitals - need to ensure their patients, referrers and staff have the right tools to fight against breast cancer. 

About MagView

The MagView Mammography Information System was originally developed in 1992 for the American College of Radiology as the first BI-RADS™ structured reporting system. Since then, MagView has become the leading provider of solutions for breast center information management, including options for scheduling, results communication, patient navigation and more.

How we’re different – customization and support

  • MagView is the largest, dedicated mammography information system (MIS) vendor, with full-time project managers, on-site trainers, regional account mangers and multi-tiered technical support staff.
  • MagView supports more workflow options and customizations than any MIS.
  • Each MagView system includes project management and on-site training.
  • MagView is the mammography information system of choice for nation’s leading radiologists.

24/7 Toll-free support, all version upgrades included

  • There is no additional charge for after hours support calls or custom reports.
  • Our standard support model includes all future updates and version upgrades at no additional charge.

Mammography Tracking

Breast Imaging Tracking and MQSA Compliance

MagView offers a comprehensive solution for mammography recall and patient tracking. With MagView, there are many advantages over a manual tracking system that lead to a more efficient, accurate and complete system.

The MagView patient tracking system offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce patient tracking errors
  • Track all unresolved or incomplete cases
  • Permanently store and document history of each letter sent
  • Document contact efforts for lost follow-up cases
  • Save time and effort

The MagView patient tracking system offers the following features:

  • Tracking functions require no additional data entry
  • User defined notification, recall and reminder letters
  • Use different letters for first, second and third notice
  • Permanently store and document history of each letter sent
  • User specified timing for all automatic letters
  • Allows documentation of each phone conversation with the patient
  • User defined default recall intervals
  • Audit reports for letters not sent

Quality Assurance Reporting

MagView offers a complete solution for quality assurance reporting and outcome monitoring. MagView supports the BI-RADS Follow-up and Outcome Monitoring statistical basis for quality assurance reporting, and includes all information for the BI-RADS Basic Clinically Relevant Audit and the BI-RADS More Complete Mammography Audit.

The following statistical measures may be reported, tracked and compared for each radiologist in the group:

  • True positives, false positives, true negatives and false negatives
  • Positive predictive value (PPV1, PPV2 and PPV3)
  • Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • Cancer detection rate
  • Abnormal interpretation rate
  • Recall rate
  • Screening/diagnostic analysis
  • Final assessment analysis
  • Recommendation analysis
  • Staging of cancer

The MagView quality assurance reporting features include the following features:

  • Include any date range, location, procedure subset, or radiologist subset
  • Generate separately for baseline studies
  • Generate separately for studies which were or were not compared
  • Generate separately for radiologist as a primary or as overreader
  • Generate once, then view reports in summary or detail mode
  • Audit reports for false positive and false negative cases
  • All reports are de-identified for additional security
  • View reports by patient profile

Advanced Patient Tracking

  • Track the BI-RADS and follow up for each lesion, instead of each exam. With MagView, each recommendation can be tracked independently.
    • Example: A patient is given a BI-RADS 0 on the left and a BI-RADS 3 on the right:
    • MagView will recall that patient immediately for additional imaging on the left.
    • Additionally, MagView will automatically recall that patient in 6 months for the right breast – making sure that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Highly specialized patient communication.
    • MagView provides custom communication based on the clinical indication and diagnosis.
    • Custom letters can be sent automatically based on radiologist recommendation. (e.g. A patient who presents with a palpable lump but is a BI-RADS 1 can get a special “clinical negative” letter rather than the generic BI-RADS 1 letter.)
    • Radiologists can select a custom letter while reporting, dictating, or through an extraction interface.
    • The patient letter can be supplemented directly by the radiologist if desired at the time of reporting.
    • Patients who have a calculated risk score above a certain threshold can receive special language in their letter, or you can optionally include the risk score in the patient’s letter and physician’s report.
  • Patient Navigation Module
    • Identify patients eligible for navigation with user-defined alerts based on imaging, pathology or other trigger.
    • Customizable stages and steps ensure continuous progress in a timely manner; based on the NCBC Navigation Matrix or your own existing navigation protocol.
    • To learn more about our Patient Navigation Module, visit the solutions page here.